with Alice Whieldon

Clearing & EIs UK

Clearing & Enlightenment Intensives UK was founded by Alice Whieldon and brings the key elements of the work of Charles Berner (Yogeshwar Muni) and Lawrence Noyes together in a cohesive framework.

The work is a program for fulfilled living according to our own estimation. It marries comprehensive theory about what we are here in life to do with practical techniques and approaches to achieving that here and now. ‘Clearing’ refers to the literal clearing of the fixed ideas and patterns of behaviour that stand in the way of seeing things as they really are and living from Truth. It facilitates us in taking responsibility for how we are in life and become fully participating agents in our relationships and life paths.  
Alice Whieldon

Mind clearing sessions

Clearing takes place in the form of one-to-one Mind Clearing (MC) or Emotion Clearing (EC) sessions. You can find a Clearer here.
Together, these offer an integrated range of explanations and techniques for ending our need for neurotic action and unfixes our personal ideologies so we can connect and relate mindfully, joyfully and responsibly with ourselves, others and life. The work is accessible, cohesive and coherent and speaks to mind as well as body.
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