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Alice Whieldon MA PhD FwSS SFHEA

Alice has been involved in Clearing since 1985 and came across Shiatsu the same year. She practices the disciplines of talking and touch, recognising that we all benefit from different approaches at different times of our lives.

Both Clearing and Sei-ki call on the true individual to step out of their armour and live from who they really are. She has written books and articles about both and offers one to one sessions, workshops and trainings

Alice is now joined by her sister, Sally Parham.

Alice Whieldon

Clearing UK

Clearing UK was established by Alice Whieldon and brings the various disciplines of Clearing under one umbrella for the first time in many years in the UK. Many people around the world offer Mind Clearing or the Enlightenment intensive, but few bring the wide spectrum of Berner's work together in an integrated whole. While each component is valuable on its own, together they offer a comprehensive guide to conscious living. Alice is unique in bringing academic rigour and understanding together with practical experience to this demanding and rewarding work.

Clearing is supported by Sally Parham, Alice's sister, who also has a long history in the work and trained as an Enlightenment Intensive Master with Jake and Eva Chapman. Their Father and Stepmother, Tony and Jean Whieldon,

were leaders in the field, offering Mind Clearing and EIs for many years.

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