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    Alice is inspiring & very present. She brings forth in me a need to be truthful and honest about myself. Her passion is infectious,  and I feel honoured to be part of this work.

    KM, London

    This could be called Body Clearing or maybe Everything Clearing as Sei-ki is the Way and Art of Touch which clears the field or distortion of the person through resonance. But it has a name, and that name is Sei-ki or Sei-ki Soho.

    Founded by Kishi Akinobu, Sei-ki has been a major influence on Western Shiatsu. Teachers and practitioners alike cite the master and his work as key to their development but few offer Sei-ki to clients or students explicitly. Sei-ki has been considered too difficult, too esoteric, too formless to be understood, let alone practiced by the vast majority. Alice Whieldon met Kishi in 1997 and immediately stopped Shiatsu to learn his approach. In 2008 she initiated and co-authored with him the book: Sei-ki: Life in Resonance, The Secret Art of Shiatsu 2011

    Life in Resonance, The Secret Art of Shiatsu which was published shortly before Kishi's death in 2012. The book has ensured the survival of this powerful but subtle art and Alice has continued to work to disseminate Sei-ki and make is accessible to a wider audience. To find out more about this work go to:

    Mind Clearing: the Key to Mindfulness Mastery 2016 Alice Whieldon

    The Enlightenment Intensive: the Power of Dyad Communication for Self-Realization 2018 by Lawrence Noyes

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    Edrid Riddle's website for related events and material

    International Enlightenment Intensives

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    Sei-ki: Life in Resonance, The Secret Art of Shiatsu 2011 by Kishi Akinobu & Alice Whieldon

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