‘Dyad’ means two and so the basic dyad is about two people relating. However, the formal dyad was thought up by Ava Berner in the 1950s to give people an economical way to access the therapeutic work being done by her and her husband, Charles Berner. The dyad is the basic building block for Mind Clearing and the Enlightenment Intensive.

The dyad form creates a safe, simple space in which two people can communicate on the topic of their choice. This might seem pretty basic, but when does it actually happen in life that someone will sit and listen attentively to you for 5 minutes without interruption or judgement? The value of being heard and of learning to receive can be a life-changer.

Benefits include:

  • The relief of being unconditionally heard
  • Learning the value of non-judgmental receiving of another person
  • Discharge of emotion around problem areas and relationships
  • An improvement in your ability to relate
  • The dyad fosters love in the honouring that takes place when two people set out to hear and respect one another
  • The dyad enables truth to be spoken which helps you live more from yourself

As each person has an allotted time to speak and to listen balance and justice are restored to relating

The dyad has strict rules which participants are asked to honour.

These include:

  • Confidentiality: nothing said in a dyad is referred to outside the dyad
  • The listener gives their full attention for each 5-minute listening period
  • Each dyad cycle typically lasts 40 minutes and participants take 5-minute turns
  • The speaker chooses the questions (from a list) that their partner will ask them
  • The listener asks the chosen questions, listens to the response and thanks their partner at the end of each 5-minute period

Anyone looking for the support of structured, safe communication can join dyad evenings. If you have been on an Enlightenment Intensive retreat or received Mind Clearing, you will be familiar with the dyad form. It is a great way to continue to develop clarity and self-understanding between retreats or sessions.

Please note that, although there will be a short introduction, reminder of the rules and an opportunity for questions before, during and after the dyads, online dyad evenings are inevitably less monitored than face-to-face dyads. For this reason, we ask you in advance to review the guidelines for dyads which will be sent out before every evening session. Each session will have two 40 minute dyad sessions with a 10 minute break in between.

For those who have not participated in dyad evenings, Enlightenment Intensives or Mind Clearing, it is preferred that you attend one of our Basics of Clearing: The Dyad online workshops before participating in a dyad evening. This is because, in the online environment, it is especially important that all participants understand the structure and rules of dyad work as monitoring is harder than in the face to face environment. If you are keen to join in but have no experience, please contact info@living-in-resonance.com to discuss

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What they say…

This is an art!!!
“Alice gives the space and support to everyone to be in their space and do their work focused and undisturbed. For me every workshop with Alice feels like a meditation class where I let go and focus on the breath and keep asking myself like a koan “What is it?” One of the most interesting parts in learning Sei-ki is to see Alice working on another person – this is an art!!! It feels like reading and listening to a poem! Everyone in the class resonates, stays quiet and attends living art in front of our eyes. Thanks, Alice! ”
Athens, Greece