Emotion Clearing

What is Emotion Clearing?

Emotion Clearing originates with Arthur Janov’s Primal Scream. Berner took this innovative work and combined it with his own understanding about the need for precise and precisely delivered communication.

This can be done in a workshop and also on a one to one basis with the Clearer structuring and facilitating the full expression of emotional content with the relevant message.

The results of this expression can be profound, unlocking long-suppressed energy and the effects of trauma. Relief is felt on a body, mind and emotion level and, those particularly who are plagued by strong emotional reactions can find freedom from servitude to their own psyches.

Sessions are either on a one-to-one basis with a Clearer or in a group environment. If you are interested in exploring this work, please contact us to discuss.

What they say…

I feel closer to myself
“Over the last three years I have attended several Seiki weekend workshops with Alice. What has always struck me is the degree of focus expressed by Alice but also by the participants. Alice and Kishi’s method seem to attract people with that quality, that maturity. I find that this sobriety, this intent, have helped me come closer and closer to the aim of Seiki i.e. a simple, true, profound connection with the “receiver” where I feel closer to myself, my true self I would say and where both “giver” and “receiver” equally benefit”
London, UK