Mind Clearing: Couples Clearing

Mind Clearing: Couples Clearing
Mind Clearing promotes communication and the development of skilled relating. As such it is perfect for couples wishing to grow as well as those experiencing relationship difficulties.

If you are interested in working with a Clearer to help facilitate good relating, honour and love in your intimate relationship, see details of how to find a Clearer. Those who like the clarity of Berner’s work will likely enjoy this approach to developing a partnership.

Some workshops are also available, online or in person, to explore the dyad form as a self-help form to improve your ability to relate as a couple.

What they say…

This is an art!!!
“Alice gives the space and support to everyone to be in their space and do their work focused and undisturbed. For me every workshop with Alice feels like a meditation class where I let go and focus on the breath and keep asking myself like a koan “What is it?” One of the most interesting parts in learning Sei-ki is to see Alice working on another person – this is an art!!! It feels like reading and listening to a poem! Everyone in the class resonates, stays quiet and attends living art in front of our eyes. Thanks, Alice! ”
Athens, Greece