Finding a Clearer (UK)

Finding a Clearer (UK)
The Clearers listed below have trained with Alice Whieldon. Year 3 students have completed the training but are in the process of fulfilling the requirements for passing.

You can also find a list of Clearers Internationally on Lawrence Noyes’ website

Alice Whieldon

Alice Whieldon MA PhD SFHEA SFwSS
Alice trained in Clearing in Canada and the USA with Lawrence Noyes. She has also trained in Couples Clearing and runs Clearing Trainings and dyad workshops. She is the author of Mind Clearing: the key to mindfulness mastery 2016 (Jessica Kingsley).

Alice works in Norfolk (UK) and online in English. She is not currently taking on Clearing clients except in exceptional circumstances. Existing clients should contact her by email.


Francesca Jaggs

Francesca sees clients in East London (UK) and online. She works in English


Sarah Hill

Sarah is a Year 3 Clearing student. She sees clients in West London (UK) and online. She works in English.


Clare Roberts

Clare is a Year 3 Clearing student. She sees clients in Merseyside, Cheshire & Shropshire (UK) and online. She works in English.


What they say...
The opportunity to be heard
The opportunity to be truly heard and seen by another is the most profoundly healing experience I have had. Years of therapy had me going round in endless circles, with minimal movement or change. The work Alice does and teaches has enabled me to become a more whole human being, changing my life in ways I had always believed were possible but could never find the right path. Receiving treatments, sessions and teachings with Alice is like finding your way home - with the added bonus of comfy slippers, warm fire and a favourite drink. The image that comes to mind, is like a cat sprawled out on its back, in front of a fire
Liverpool, UK
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