Mind Clearing: Finding a Clearer (UK)

Mind Clearing: Finding a Clearer (UK)
The Clearers listed below have either trained with LiR and Alice Whieldon or with Lawrence Noyes. Some Clearers are experienced but are still in the process of completing their requirements for passing the training. If you would be interested in working with a student Clearer, please contact LiR for suggestions.

You can also find a list of Clearers Internationally on Lawrence Noyes’ website

Alice Whieldon

Alice Whieldon MA PhD SFHEA SFwSS
Alice trained in Clearing in Canada and the USA with Lawrence Noyes. She has also trained in Couples Clearing and runs Clearing Trainings and dyad workshops. She is the author of Mind Clearing: the key to mindfulness mastery 2016 (Jessica Kingsley).

Alice works in London (UK) and online in English.

Mind Clearing: £100 for 1.5 hours
Couples Clearing: £150 for 2 hours
Emotion Clearing: £100 for 1.5 hours

Alice also offers workshops and sessions in Sei-ki in London and internationally

Dominique Rivoal
Dominique completed her training in Clearing with Alice Whieldon and sees clients in London (UK) and online. She offers Clearing in English and French. Dominique is based in East London, – as well as Mind Clearing, she is pursuing her interest in somatic movement practices;
and sees individuals in person or via zoom.

Website: https://abeautifulstateofunderstanding.co.uk/


Francesca Jaggs

Francesca completed her Mind Clearing training with Alice Whieldon and is currently working on her final submissions. In the last 35 years she has gained experience of receiving various forms of psychotherapy: Gestalt, psychodrama, psychosynthesis, art and movement therapy. She is a qualified Shiatsu practitioner and trained with Kishi and others in Sei-ki. She holds a diploma in and teaches Qi Gong. Francesca’s interest in body and mind has been long-standing, undertaken both to understand and heal herself and others. She says, “Mind Clearing has been one of the best things I’ve come across out of all the things I have done: kind, gentle and deep.”
Francesca sees clients in East London (UK) and online.

Contact: e11fdj@yahoo.co.uk

Other fully qualified Clearers can be found at:

What they say…

One of the most significant and useful bodies of work
The process of Mind Clearing for me has been by far one of the most significant and useful bodies of work that I have encountered during my seemingly arduous search for what makes me tick and do life in the particular and frequently frustrating way that I do. These processes have enabled me to finally become aware of, or get free from, certain behaviors, attitudes and attachments I have been trying to get at for years.
Florida, USA

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