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Clearing: sessions
At some point in our journeys we all need help. Breaks in relating caused many of the difficulties we experience in life and it is by improving our ability to relate to others that we find relief.

What kind of help we need and seek will depend on many factors including time and money. Clearing is available both in individual sessions and in group work. Most of us could benefit from individual sessions to deal with the deep fixed and negative attitudes that form the web of the mind and lead to difficulties. However, great benefit can also be found in travelling the path with others in workshops and trainings to develop an understanding of how the mind works and bring this into our lives with practical partnered exercises.

Individual sessions take place in a counselling-style setting. Working in areas of the client’s interest, the Clearer assists the client in improving their ability to communicate what has not been said, dealing with the effects of trauma and unsticking fixed attitudes that limit choice in thought and action.

Sessions are typically 1.5 hours and take place online or in-person. There is no set recommendation for number or regularity of sessions, this will be decided between Clearer and client according to factors such as the type of problem or project the client wishes to work on, time and finances. You will be invited to a 40 minute informal interview, without charge, if you are considering sessions where you can explore whether Clearing is right for you.

What they say...
I love the clarity
I have attended Mind Clearing workshops with Alice. I love the clarity Alice brings to these subjects. I would say it has changed my life so much for the better I think everyone should try it!
London UK
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