For the first time in my life, I feel heard

For the first time in my life, I feel heard; and while I am searching within, with the Clearer’s guidance, I am blasting out confusion, patterns and buried emotions that keep me down….I am better able to communicate who I am and what I want, and I have much better relationships with others as a result. For me, Mind Clearing is the way forward to a more conscious, worthwhile way of being and living. "


London, UK

One of the most significant and useful bodies of work

The process of Mind Clearing for me has been by far one of the most significant and useful bodies of work that I have encountered during my seemingly arduous search for what makes me tick and do life in the particular and frequently frustrating way that I do. These processes have enabled me to finally become aware of, or get free from, certain behaviors, attitudes and attachments I have been trying to get at for years. "


Florida, USA

I can work accurately and constructively on my life

I knew what it felt like to be counselled…. Mind Clearing offers something more - and fast! …I sat face to face with Alice … accepting her steadfast and determined gaze, following her instructions again and again until I put into words which she fully heard and understood, the truth at the core of the seminal events and relationships of my life. This was hard work…. But the importance of doing it, the certainty that it was a process that brought its own great reward never left me and stays with me now. How do I feel now? There is a bigger gap between my individual self and my reactions to people and events…. Mind Clearing has given me a sense that I can work accurately and constructively on my life, not just in Mind Clearing sessions, but all the time. I’m deeply grateful for the warmth and strength Alice exudes as she took me through this process, and grateful that she has chosen to embrace and refine this amazing way of working with her fellow human beings. "



I love the clarity

I have attended Seiki and Mind Clearing workshops with Alice. I love the clarity Alice brings to these subjects. Seiki is about learning to trust the subtle signals, not an easy straightforward concept yet with patience and experiential exercises Alice holds the space beautifully. It is through Alice I then heard about Mind Clearing. I would say it has changed my life so much for the better I think everyone should try it! "


London UK

This is an art!!!

“Alice gives the space and support to everyone to be in their space and do their work focused and undisturbed. For me every workshop with Alice feels like a meditation class where I let go and focus on the breath and keep asking myself like a koan “What is it?” One of the most interesting parts in learning Sei-ki is to see Alice working on another person – this is an art!!! It feels like reading and listening to a poem! Everyone in the class resonates, stays quiet and attends living art in front of our eyes. Thanks, Alice! ” "


Athens, Greece

I feel closer to myself

“Over the last three years I have attended several Seiki weekend workshops with Alice. What has always struck me is the degree of focus expressed by Alice but also by the participants. Alice and Kishi’s method seem to attract people with that quality, that maturity. I find that this sobriety, this intent, have helped me come closer and closer to the aim of Seiki i.e. a simple, true, profound connection with the “receiver” where I feel closer to myself, my true self I would say and where both “giver” and “receiver” equally benefit” "


London, UK