Clearing Training

Clearing Training

The next training starts in November 2023. Please see below for details

The Clearing training is a three year training for those interested in exploring the work. It is open to participants either for their personal development or for those interested in working with Clearing professionally, either as Clearers or in order to use Clearing in their other work.

Year 1: The Basics of Clearing is a must for anyone wanting to understand the basics of how the mind and communication work as well as how to fundamentally improve relating. It is essential for anyone staffing Enlightenment Intensive retreats, putting that work into context and training masters and monitors in how to support participants effectively.

Working in a group, participants learn the foundations of theory and practice in a supported setting, working in pairs, with supervision, to explore Clearing processes for themselves and with others. Focused on Current Problem Clearing, this year sets people up for improved life skills. The combination of theory with personal exploration and helping others as they self-examine is a powerful recipe for accelerated development.

Ideally you will have had some Clearing sessions before enrolling. Participation in an Enlightenment Intensive is a requirement of passing The Basics.

Years 2 and 3 build on The Basics and are geared more towards preparing participants to work with clients of their own. The training includes Trauma Clearing, Depth Clearing, Karma Clearing and Attitude Clearing.

Stand alone workshops on themes such as Karma and Guilt, Attitudes and Victim States are also offered from time to time.

The next Basics begins in November 2023. Please see Events or contact directly for further information.

What they say...
For the first time in my life, I feel heard
For the first time in my life, I feel heard; and while I am searching within, with the Clearer’s guidance, I am blasting out confusion, patterns and buried emotions that keep me down….I am better able to communicate who I am and what I want, and I have much better relationships with others as a result. For me, Mind Clearing is the way forward to a more conscious, worthwhile way of being and living.
London, UK
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