Mind Clearing

What is Mind Clearing?

Charles Berner developed Mind Clearing through the 1950s and 1960s from his research into what works in helping people clear the mind and live fulfilled lives from their authentic selves. It rests on a definition of ‘mind’ confluent with Eastern philosophy and, in particular, the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. It was a pre-cursor to the Enlightenment Intensive (EI) which came out of this work and was originally designed to help people progress in Mind Clearing. However, after the development of the EI in 1968 and his later meeting with Swami Kripalu, Berner switched his interest primarily to Surrender Meditation/Natural Yoga.

Mind Clearing
Mind Clearing is based on the observation that unhappiness comes about as a result of unfulfilled communication and breakdowns in relating. These breaks stack up and proliferate over time, resulting in trauma and distress which Mind Clearing addresses.

Mind Clearing is a one to one, process-driven approach that works in the areas of a client’s interest to rebuild their ability to relate and communicate. The Clearer works with and guides the client with precision techniques in fully communicating what has not been expressed. This resolves current problems, releases the effects of trauma and fosters self-awareness and wellbeing.

Clients typically report feeling more authentic, lighter, clearer and more able to engage with others without emotional charge or pre-judgement.

What they say...
I can work accurately and constructively on my life
I knew what it felt like to be counselled…. Mind Clearing offers something more - and fast! …I sat face to face with Alice … accepting her steadfast and determined gaze, following her instructions again and again until I put into words which she fully heard and understood, the truth at the core of the seminal events and relationships of my life. This was hard work…. But the importance of doing it, the certainty that it was a process that brought its own great reward never left me and stays with me now. How do I feel now? There is a bigger gap between my individual self and my reactions to people and events…. Mind Clearing has given me a sense that I can work accurately and constructively on my life, not just in Mind Clearing sessions, but all the time. I’m deeply grateful for the warmth and strength Alice exudes as she took me through this process, and grateful that she has chosen to embrace and refine this amazing way of working with her fellow human beings.
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