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Charles Berner developed Clearing through the 1950s and 1960s from his research into what works in helping people clear the mind and live fulfilled lives from their authentic selves. It rests on a definition of ‘mind’ confluent with Eastern philosophy and, in particular, the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. It was a pre-cursor to the Enlightenment Intensive which came out of this work.


Clearing is based on the observation that unhappiness comes about as a result of unfulfilled communication and breakdowns in relating. These breaks stack up and proliferate over time, resulting in trauma and distress which Clearing addresses. While we can do much to alleviate our own distress, if we want to tackle the more intractable aspects of our minds, we will need help.

Clearing is a one to one, process-driven approach that works in the areas of a client’s interest to rebuild their ability to relate and communicate. The Clearer works with and guides the client with precision techniques in fully communicating what has not been expressed. This helps to resolve current problems, release the effects of trauma and foster self-awareness and wellbeing.

Clients typically report feeling more authentic, lighter, clearer and more able to engage with others without emotional charge or pre-judgement.

Individual Sessions

Individual sessions take place in a counselling-style setting. Working in areas of the client’s interest, the Clearer assists the client in improving their ability to communicate what has not been said, dealing with the effects of trauma and unsticking fixed attitudes that limit choice in thought and action.

Sessions are typically 1.5 hours and take place online or in-person. There is no set recommendation for number or regularity of sessions, this will be decided between Clearer and client according to factors such as the type of problem or project the client wishes to work on, time and finances. You will be invited to an approx. 40 minute informal interview, without charge, if you are considering sessions, where you can explore whether Clearing is right for you and what will suit your time and finances. See Finding a Clearer if you're thinking about one to one sessions.

Group work or training

If you like individual sessions, you may be interested in Clearing Training for continuing your personal journey. This is economical in time and money and offers the possibility of establishing ongoing Clearing relationships with colleagues, at low or no cost, that can be a long-term support and approach to personal development. See Clearing Training for further details.

What they say...
For the first time in my life, I feel heard
For the first time in my life, I feel heard; and while I am searching within, with the Clearer’s guidance, I am blasting out confusion, patterns and buried emotions that keep me down….I am better able to communicate who I am and what I want, and I have much better relationships with others as a result. For me, Mind Clearing is the way forward to a more conscious, worthwhile way of being and living.
London, UK
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